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The statistics are staggering. The global health care industry is responsible for two gigatons of carbon dioxide each year, or 4.4% of worldwide net emissions — the equivalent of 514 coal-fired power plants.
This is for a significant part caused by the extensive use of petrochemical based in medical disposable equipment. Euronitrile accelerates the design, development and use of bio-materials in healthcare applications

The hidden harm of medical plastic waste and pollution


Hospitals generate over 29 pounds of waste per bed per day. A waste plan is critical for any sustainability programming.


The global healthcare industry produces for more than 5 million tons of (mainly single-use plastic) waste each year.

Waste & Management

Every hospital is challenged by the complexity of healthcare waste and limited recycling and management options. Just recycling isn’t enough.

Euronitrile is leading the way helping healthcare institutions toward decarbonization and waste reduction goals. Together with these hospitals and health systems Euronitrile designs biobased solutions and implementing a set of actions to reduce the healthcare climate footprint and become carbon neutral.

Leading the way toward decarbonization of Healthcare

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